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Bv S, Francis & Co. Springfield, Illinois. July 15, 1813. Vol. I-No. 7, 

To the Votoraofthe Fifth Congress- 
ional District of Illinois,— C om- 

Pikc, Calhoun, Jersey. Green and 

Fellow Citizbns:— Tho undersigned were 

which a-.-ail.b-d ,.t IVlsii.dd in May last,' 

election for n. dugr- -.■» — 
aiiadi.-u:-i!.fl i". . -,-..-, in ninth «.-<• an- < n- 

happim-i and future prosperity of our be- 

freeman's i ire* privilege, of %o»iogondae. 

surcd ihp.t ono of iho gre-.t principles for 
which mo contend, is thai tho people may 

T:iewhijrpirty havo bee n chai ged by their 

formed that which they liavo promised. Ii 

the genera; LMVTiiii'iMii, uiih the exception 
of one short month, fro... the of the ir. 
auguratumofthe lamented Harrison, ■< 

us. ^ebolievehad ho been spared to us. 

lliat lb" l.-i <-V.:i diJSc.l ill-- gjoiiojs r. ;. mm;, 

which hail cxiskd 'ii \h- days of Washing- 
support or confidence ond the result has beet 

ihm tni-sl of thi.iepcai measures so warmly 

immense majority of the people in 18-10 
have bo?n defeated by tho continued anti- 
republican u«o of tho volo power; and 

although the wings had a majority during 
Iho two last sessions ol Congress, yet near!) 
every ihingaiii-mnted i>) ihein lo ameliorate 

friends nml llio loco foeo parly, of which lie 
is now a prominent member and candidate 

tion. To ihe people, ihorefore, in their 

primary capacity, must iho oppeal be ngnii 
mado, Lot It in tho coming election for mem 
bors of Congress and (,t tho olection for 
Incident ol iho United States in 1844— 

cipaii d. Uol'ore progressing, permit us nms 

'Ml-'...- ....--1 •...-.,'•..!* II,"...': if, ■•!,. 

Iho pcoplo at (his lime, and comparo it will 

fore li.ei,... -'.-.! .i'.'i.wa.iu party Camo inio 
power in 1M3S. Then iho people were com- 
pnrnuvely cut of debt, and although nol 
rapidly nccniinilniiiig riches, yet they worr 
ii.dejien, j.-ni in eireumstauceft and impi'uv in;. 
in condition. How is it now? Tho groai 

Kile, and ihu Inrnx-r w,.h satisfied with tli< 
'.-jri,;.eiir-jLii,u he received lor his labor. How 

'.-... ■ . i.iei. ' 1 .-. ,.., 
m.-clini.u-s»iid ni-il...f:.ciur.-r9 ueie prolyl. 
,,l |. y TarilVlaws, enacted (i.r Hint purpose, 

moans to repeal such laws-, thereby .1. -.troy. 

' W,. ■.'.Kncaleo T..1.1I' for protection ond 
revonin-;" National I'mk; a tii.trthuiion of 

io h'.i.-.i Hi'- presul-- -> :> ...,'.• i.-ui. ... 1 : 
limit tho toofrequenland dang rouaexen — 
of tho volo power; and w., advocate retrench. 

,. ■.'.■<■;.' . .:. ■ .i »•• •■■-. 

tween twcedlo-dum and tweed Ic dco— ad- 
vance no now fangled theories that none bui 

fathom of the revolutionary and last wars 

prosperity ol their country. Tho only great 
measure ouvocalcd by llm wings pro* ions to 

affords us goods manufactured" in our own 

produce of our fomers to those engaged in 

this most internsting point. It is sufficient 
present tun (Daw by tho Whig Coniji'oss n) 

deficient, is now fuily amplo. That our 

maniifneloiies and Hlmps wliich provioualy 

full and pndilahloopoialioii. Thai goods of 
a better and more h.-aiiiifu! quality ean now 

our own manufacturo, li^.n fumiorly, when 

articles unporlod from Manchester and 

ions of dollars arc pouring iulo our eounlry, 

tho fresh gnods which were imposed to sup- 
dour, coin, &c- of Iho fanner, and a g radii- 

ui; mv Urn ib'slreying Imnd of modern v.iliirtlth'.iml most nupoi'tantcloss of our 
and well earned prosperity. And can it bo 

.-: ■: t .-■ i.-i • .- ■..-.. iV> 

(„-.. „,.»,, "II,., is ..II ,mpn„;,n„, Uolh 

- . ■ - -j " - ■ '. . ■'■■ ■■■"■- 

., that io .," .-.-. oi ■ 

.- ■< ■ ■ ■ .r.v,j, ,,.wir»t: wtrimtc- 

i'',',,./u:,',i, , b.,v.' , |olL' rt'int'-nlv 'violated 
it." Tho Opponents ol !|.e !ar.!l quote (loll. 

most pioliiablo amounts, and benefits for Iho 

ritlftliii- : ai.ilb. -w.-.n is now lo bo sue 

■-irH| &;: h, ) ut.liO,.e, l p l e,,i 1 l l ine, can bo 

■|ftr;.h, whig, deem 
■■: » of a No4J[Ufflli'ii.i(0^ut„m iuee^i- 

er by C.-nrrnlJa. h- 1SIW, : C.ipiiiia 

til 1 1 t 1 1 

liavo not time nor ablily to m-giietliii point; 
wo ran only say, as frcqiiuntty Ud'oro lias 

lie constitution of tho Uniied Sutus— that 
they were good men and pulriois none will 

n nil, while IVsid'-nt of tho I'mied Slates, 

nitty of such a bank, by approving, each of 

such an institution. Our highlit, judicia! 

■i United Stalls JJnnk way con.tiiliitiona 1 ; 

■ ■ i - 1 it- ■ j t . 1 by i.-..riL'i'''-s, and it pfitorrned nil 

or hindrance. Therefore, on tliat branch of 
the subject wo are, and we think the people 

. eh an institution, a doubt enn scarcely bo 

and will exist, is admitted by nlmost every 

iMlelhivil person, nml the only point at issuo 

chart or compass, or adopt a system that has 
1.. in already trieil and most ln-n"ficial!y felt 
A.II acknowledge that they cannot get along 

character. The State bank lyslem, brought 
i-no existence by ;be ami-bank locofoco par- 

fieielbre unwilling to venluro on newexperi- 

oK'iit exchequer. We have tried a United 

poses— it afforded to the people a safe and 
--.Lindeiirreiiey— in paper was at par, not 
■nly in the Uniied Si.-.n-s. hut aho m V.u^nv-'. 

entire confidence in it, and that confidence 

dollar by it. It enabled the government to 

ponae to the treasury, theroby saving ex- 
pense to the country. We therefore go for 

just such a one, allowing change of time and 
Circumstance's, as Washington sanctioned and 

The next imporlnnl point to bo considered 

the salo of public lands. One portion of our 

adversaries, head.'d by Mr. Calhoun, advo- 
■ ate ihe siiiren.h'i' of the public domain to 

ilns system is adopted ihe new Stalc3 alone 
will derive any advantages by iho surrender; 
and we know of no better mode of replying 
lo tho the great Nullifier llian by quoting 
Mr. Van r-iur^n, in Ii.- rrn-ss'i^e to enngre>s. 
Dec. 4th, 1N37. lie save— "whether in tho 
now or old States, all now n^ree that the 
right ofsoil to the | iblic -ands remains in ihe 

o/U „,„t „em- S, - ,.-., lor Mr. t^illeHiu's 
plan l.,r ve,-n ;., mal;n (,„„ pre-:.- 

Jackson — but insist ilni ihe omount shall go 
into Iho treasury, i.s formerly, and applied a, 

linfoitnnaioly for niodeni democracy, the 
liK-oofNi'w^. not yanetion ibis 
mode, for in Ins im-wigo of Dec 4, 193-3, he 

ticablo, lo be a sourco of revenue;" and in 

besl to abundon the ulr-i of raising it fuiup* 
revenuooul of th« pub.., lands." Tho whigs, 
I /.owng wiiii Mr. Vim lbiren, that tho pub- 

tlie distribution of ihe proceeds arising from 

of 1841, ami was repealed at iho last session 
by the united votes of ihe loeo locos aril Ty- 
loritos. During, however, its coiiiuuonco 

I '"007ZS 

IkuI d"! liven received, 

no existence — ii is tor Hie? pi-uplu 
The veto powor of tlio presii 


Il^ri'ji. en,! I -is : o l,i; il.l«;il 

i y round* <,l rivri) alle^-d c 

al!" : vJ, Ihcy w. if iii<-\|..-.i«-i::) :.i!j i !ged by 
tho ivjin-spiiutivcs of ilio peoplu llio most 
iviio ntul snUiry. Tho will of ono man. 

r our principVs nro wnrihy 

v i.iTi -,■ -w'-U.-rrt, v 

in ■: I.-nc-. an.l vo , f r 
Mi. i:r.miiin»:in-l in. f r . 
in-. ki.I woaro m-i-jii , n , : 
i ■ - ■ - in -t ,Moni!iy ui A»p m 

Ji. N. Powell, Pooiia, 
S. P. Cummins, Fulton, 
D. M. Woodson, Greene 

sro denounced by the Stat 

cJ l.y consro^: u ■* . , I it l.n exercised 

v.'hcn/llK' p-iin: '. i. ■:■■■! In, .iVr:,.Ty b-.-cr! 

cicif.l tribunal .n < :■.- .-.„}, find by whose 
Uc.-tl citiztn,t.M:^.i, . ■ ■ I. W L - tliLTo 

tolerated by American freemen much long- 1 of ( 
Intimruoly c v-'.'.-l with the abuso 

esidenl being a candid 

wl.7:h it 'I .','.!..>. i,, :!.., ,,'.■,'.:■'.. r „r,',' 

iln.ii his friends 

IB mude;und if wo h; 

n.-l. N..w i!i.: C:!i ilisi.inn.i i> Uii« 

north, commencing nllknrock.rindc 
9 a population n| ,„,k 57,577; 
i ;Iig 5th by ^.t>:i7. Now if Peoria i 

" l - 1 "■" , ' 1 ' 1 ' '-'"lain :i p.,,,.,1, „r 7J.I5II. 

..^■■..d.,t.vj..-,n.s, ,,-! ...... (.-,.■ ;.-. ■ ... . 

Jl 57,577. H.-ro w.„,|,J J, , v ,. b. <■ 

in-i s-iiij? Ssi-.-iiililinCf: til .'i irn.-ml of llmlict ol 

-'"^'^''N "7 1 iMnc.ij. ,i .-.,) been nddod to 

Enough bus been shown I 

' packed; owl if it hud 

>i"-i>i> rii'uHfd ti i; ,t ti,- y «ciodetormined i 
democratic district, rognrdlossn 
Mb.. Hie now for you tosny.fe! 
>■>, wheihn )ou »>l| couiifeiinni: 
'-""duel; , , i; , a i:-t. :.» r *r.;ily I 

plo of Gen. Washington's. 

which the Ucgistcr men an 

the <ki.i .nr.L,- ■ 

, m-uini' 

Th» >v 

■1 lor (V 

nty Ofncorg. Knowi 

and will oloct itiair w 

',,.,.•, ,.l. 

men ilovocod lo lliom. 



TO winds oi> Tin; skventii con- 
gressional DISTRICT. 

Tho first Monday oF August is now Ilea 

becomes your duty to elect « member o 
Y ? Tiro right of sulirnge— of se 
ornment— is n great mid glorious nri 
— llio privilege of fteemen ; "nd^llia 

birth- right of every American citizen 

form ti great trust-a trust confided to us by 
our fathers, to keep tho flame of liberty 

presorvo those great principles of freedom 

Whis/ofth- Sei-i-nl/i District, ARE YOU 
READY? Your candidate. Gen. HAR- 

. 7'^'^\,[^'-—--lJ^cZ<w 

• rr„..,lsund'-fsclimgllie llfiusli ii 

DIN, lias been selected by Delegates up. 

These statements of the Reg 

{jointed by yourselves, and is in ovary way 
worthy of your confidence— Ac <* capable, he 

Uue. They are the results of 
ariffl They prove tho soun 

but a boy, be made Illinois (ho home of his 
adoption — and liia life thus far' lias been 
auch as to win the confidence and osleem or 

they ooglit to satisfy intelligent n 
ery parly, that tho whig policy 

Tho Register, while malting t 

tlie people When the Black Hawk war 

Nothing has annoyed tho loco foco parly, 
and the press of that party, more than the 
entire failure of all their predicted results or 
tho existing whig tariff. They Imvo told us 

uties. This predic 
irely falsa. They 

nlo Englruid, wo mo receiving c 


841, amounted lo $7,480,692 18 . Thore 

vas besides this sum outstanding d'.'imml- 
ipon tho treasury to tho amount of ^:;;>, !"."?,- 
125 20. To moot which there was left in 
lie treasury 5362,055 81. 

The l'ol!i.iwii!g documents from tho locofo. 
n Register ol the United Slates, prove these 

Total debt, 57,400,093 18 

| I r = Oil cor ) 


The late influx of specie into this coi 

the real effect of a wisa &n<1 judicious pi 

Dougal has grossly exposed his ignorance and 
Mr. Gouge, in his history of pipsr money and 

To-,!, J""!.., ..■■ ■-< 

I ,„. :,!...,.,■ l„:.,a.', (^l,.\n-JS Ti,v. 

.. ■■ .... ■..,■ ui.lndr .1, , ..I .VM''. m:i „, 

■--. ", i . vlK1 ,., Lriil , , l . l ' l ,"' 1 [ |: ;; :'■ , 

Mr, MeDougn] makes Mr. 

ny a warm-fought 

The Register thus end,,,- < ilfg-.nW A- b j-T u th* advocates qfrw Trod,. -The 

GES«aclrino of Mr. Ihu.-ha.Xn. I he ■!.- ^ g ^ an oxtrnc( J a spccc|l Jclivort . (i 

"'' h ' C " hy John C. Calhoun, on the Tariff of 1816: 

aud uprightness of purposed- Mis ell 

good. Me is now mingling : 

cess'from your ovor-confidenco, or your 
8 upinencss. Lot it not bo so, or burning 
will bo your shame. WHIGS OF THE 
SEVENTH ! keep your armor bright— be 

yourselves at iho polls, and urge your nigh- 

govornmont to its pristine purity, and bring 

try. Then, we urge you again l< 
HARDIN a glorious rally on the firs', 
day in August.. 

•uy/, w in. i lasciK,^ ■■ ' '' '^' , ' ^..'"^^ for our public debl 

" r° i J i I j ow w a 

ES^clrinoof Mr. Bud" — " 
ore* in effect declare that i 

Europo, and by linking tin; adv-mUg* ol 
■heap broad, ilioy say wo would bo onabled 

3 half a million of brokfli 

pposcd by the ltcj 

\- ,'n.ivni'v -! 

big policy— that policy which wash, 
i so advantageous to tho country by 1 
.jt.-iN, Madison, Monroe, and appro; 

:, <,|' •„,■■„ !,).;. ,l.':il ruiullKtn <■..!. 

"■"ft,,, « T„„n- r,„ „ ro „cio„ «.. .r Alft 

:;,.'i ,:::■;;; ;x.™" ,™ 

This samo Calhoun is now opposod to all 

party of which he once said— "Tho only 
cement which united them was the cohoaive 
power of public plunder." 

Col. H'Clebhihd has followed Mr. Van 
Duron's load, and has come out for DIRECT 

C-j-ricHdent TvLEti, nftor tho dealh of 
Mr. Lhjake, gave up hi:i inieiu'i'd j.nmi''y 
west, and proceeded iiniiiedinlel v I" U'nsli- 

r,,,;,,,,.;,! win, I, ph.. ..■houiiivcd.-i! Ihv'JIili 

lonii-Ss ;l.crl;i)ff, which at 8-1 

lGKrijV,'°hW'.™ C tI.irt, millio 

en that Mr. McDougal is grossly rgnoran 
tobly true. 

I niein, lia till"!. t'trl that """ '>,su,tl 
.1,1 triu.r antlv ca,,> Mr. l'ltili-.i. aitj tno 

iter ; and tlio import of them is suBcie. 

' lite Register that all tho whig candid, 
r Conirrcsi will be defeated at the ne.vle 
oo.andlhcseeond, that Mr. Hardin, in I 

York ,, ,|„ra of 11,0 S2il nil. a 

V&H !.«•*•:[.. ,.: ih„ cay n tloy o, uv< 

mi ' 1. 1- ni u'i ,] u !;' ' 

JVtop _, PETF.nsrrnc. j.,i,j 

Did nol Ilio Hogi.loi-1 

pulling a stop lo the pi] 


I stolen from the press, and the regular |>nl,li- j in? ihc ;■> r . ;..*., fVr I. Is r-vn piir,.^,— ' .,!.' '.' 

■-::, r ■ '-j'lnnol ,i l0 Si_r- I v ' i, ii , ) j j i .;...;:■ I \- r ,. ■ ■ ■■■■• ■■ I > ".- . ..-: i-. ,v. ■. .-,... . ■ , ■ 

wlffimkl sumod. Thecduorndds— I Washington, while Lore he Ppenks most con ' Z'uT\ 

^'--' l,ie , |-.Ii-j of Will r^uiiy. Thoy hold 1 

' u K h <°Mr m VnnB 



KrThe 11.-! 

'».<,!' Hi, 2 1 1 

ond I,™ 

Mia. (Irniid,